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ETFE vs. Traditional Greenhouse Coverings: Making an Informed Choice for Your Garden

As gardening enthusiasts seek innovative solutions to optimize plant growth and create sustainable environments, the choice of greenhouse coverings plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals. Among the alternatives, Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) emerges as a modern and promising option, challenging the dominance of traditional greenhouse materials. In this article, . . . Read more

DIY Homemade Houseplant fertilizer

Indoor plants transform our living spaces into vibrant, serene havens. They do more than beautify – they cleanse the air and elevate our mood. However, keeping them lush and lively requires more than just light and water. They need nourishment, and what better way to provide this than through DIY . . . Read more

Can plants photosynthesize with artificial light?

Finding indoor plants, which develop with very few hours of sunlight, is something that we usually see. Are those plants growing healthily? As we already know, plants are photosynthetic organisms, that is, they need light to produce energy by themselves. But can plants photosynthesize in artificial light? We will try . . . Read more

Homeowners Guide to Tree Removal in Delaware County, PA

Want to remove a tree from your property in Delaware County, PA?  From obtaining the necessary permits to hiring the right professionals and taking preventive measures, here’s a guide with all the steps you need to follow for a safe and successful tree removal. Research Local Regulations and Permits. Before . . . Read more

The best tips for growing your orchids

Undoubtedly, orchids are one of the most popular plants in any garden, this is due to the incomparable beauty of their flowers. But to get your orchids to produce those flowers, you must take into account several aspects in their care such as the substrate, temperature, ventilation, irrigation, fertilization and . . . Read more