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Homeowners Guide to Tree Removal in Delaware County, PA


Want to remove a tree from your property in Delaware County, PA? 


From obtaining the necessary permits to hiring the right professionals and taking preventive measures, here’s a guide with all the steps you need to follow for a safe and successful tree removal.

Research Local Regulations and Permits.


Before beginning the process of tree removal, it’s important to understand and follow local regulations and obtain any necessary permits. Each county has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to removing trees. 

Be sure to research whether you need a permit from the Delaware County Department of Agriculture or other local agencies before starting any work on your property. 

Knowing these requirements ahead of time will help ensure a smooth and safe tree removal process.

Contact a Licensed Arborist.


To safely and successfully remove a tree, it’s a good idea to contact a licensed arborist. They can look at your tree, give professional advice, and assess any risk factors associated with the job. 

We recommend using Strobert Tree Service.

Strobert Tree Service of Delaware County offers reliable tree removal and pruning to help keep your property safe and looking beautiful. Their experienced and certified arborists will handle all jobs, large or small, with the utmost care & attention. 

A professional arborist will also possess the necessary tools, knowledge and training for safely removing trees in Delaware County. Using their services is important for avoiding potential fines or damaging neighboring trees or property.

Assess the Situation.


Before hiring an arborist and starting the tree removal project, it’s important to assess the tree carefully. A professional arborist should observe the shape and condition of the tree, determine its age, check for insect infestation or fungal diseases, and evaluate any damage to the roots. 

They will also look at any nearby structures that may be affected by the removal process. From here, they can provide a safe plan of action for removing your tree responsibly.

Prepare to Remove the Tree Carefully and Safely.


Though it’s important to assess the tree beforehand, it’s even more important to take safety precautions before removing the tree. All nearby power lines and other electrical hazards should be marked off, as well as any underground or above ground utilities. 

Additionally, all people and animals should be clear of the area during removal. 

Once these steps have been taken, you can begin prepping the site for removal. This includes cutting away any nearby branches to ensure a safe removal process.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment and Follow Safety Procedures During Removal Process.


Removing a tree properly requires a thorough understanding of both proper equipment and safety procedures. Make sure you have the right tools for the job, as using inadequate tools can compromise the safety of all involved. 

When removing the tree, you should adhere to state and local regulations regarding tree removal. 

Additionally, have your plan of attack ready beforehand so that you know exactly where and how you will take down the tree – this will help keep it out of power lines or other possible hazards in your area.

Our recommended provider Strobert Tree Service uses state-of-the range equipment and experienced professional staff to provide you with the highest quality services possible. 

Strobert Tree Services has recently been names as the best Delaware County tree removal service.

Their services include everything from trimming to emergency removals of dangerous trees. You can reach out to them today for a free estimate. 

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