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How and when to fertilize pechay

Pechay is one of the many ways in which this vegetable is known, which is also called pak choi (British), bok choy (USA), among other names that you can find depending on the country in which you are. The truth is that it is a type of cabbage (Chinese cabbage) . . . Read more

How and when to fertilize spinach

Spinach is the vegetable par excellence, being possible to cultivate even the smallest garden. Currently, with urban gardens that are very fashionable, it is very common to see it cultivated inside apartments, balconies or any corner of the house. It is a very good source of very important minerals such . . . Read more

How and when to fertilize rhubarb plant

Rhubarb is a plant that is closely related to celery. It is cultivated as a vegetable for its edible stem, which has a very characteristic acid flavor, being highly sought after to prepare sweets and desserts. It can grow up to three meters in height with stems that can reach . . . Read more

How and when to fertilize okra

The okra or by its scientific name Abelmoschus esculentus, is a tropical plant that can reach 2 meters in height, native to the African continent. Although it is annual, if the climate characteristics are favorable, it could be bi-annual or even perennial. Its popularity is given by its edible fruit, . . . Read more